Jen’s Story


Jen’s Story  

Jen McGuire

During the July Hope Exchange Hope Day, I met a beautiful mom carrying a 1 month old baby. Being 26 weeks pregnant you can’t help but be drawn to a new mom and a new born baby. I approached them and immediately could feel her struggle and could see she needed help. Then I asked her the strangest question-“Hi where is your stroller to help you? “ The new mom of 1month old Ryan looked at me weird and said “I don’t have one”. 

Then the words flowed out of my mouth with no hesitation. “I have a brand new stroller in the box -never been opened in my car -can I give it to you ?” She looked at me with a slight hesitation but in her reply I could see the hope set in. She smiled and said “yes-!” 

We met and with in a few minutes we exchanged hugs, laughs and some tears but most of all an exchanged happened for both of us. For her it was a need that was met and for me it was a generosity moment. Instead of being attached to an object which I need for my baby it was a moment where the very thing God provided me was being provided for someone else.

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